We have recently been gifted a collection of hard copies of ViaWest and VWWA  by Life Member and previous Secretary Robin Bailey, Thanks, Robin! This gives us an opportunity to delve into some of our history via the magazines. Your committee has arranged for these magazines to be digitised and made available to members via this website.

We are able to glean some interesting information from these archives. In 1986 Michael Bottrell was our President, then in 1987 Jenni Bottrell took on that role (was she the first and only female president that we've had?!) Jerry Heldt became the president in 1988. Jerry Heldt and Rob Barker were the Editors of the magazine during this period too. 

Please note that times and humour have definitely changed since some of these magazines were published and therefore some content may offend some readers. It is not our intention to offend any of our members, we merely wish to share with you some of our history.

There are some gaps in this decade of magazines so if any members go digging in their shed and find some more we would love to know. 

WANTED: Editor for our club Magazine. After so many years of producing a great member magazine it would be a shame to see it all come to an end. If you have these skills (or are willing to learn them), and time please consider putting your hand up for this role at our upcoming AGM. Please get in touch for more information.


ViaWest Magazines from the 1980s

1986 June ViaWest

1986 October ViaWest

1986 December ViaWest

1987 January ViaWest

1987 February ViaWest

1987 July ViaWest

1988 February ViaWest

1988 August ViaWest

1988 December ViaWest