From the Department of Transport website https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/licensing/concessions.asp

“The Concession for Classics (C4C) scheme is a voluntary concession which is available to owners of eligible street rods and vehicles manufactured prior to 1990. Concession can be applied to cars, motorbikes, trailers, caravans, and street rods complying with the weight limit.

Vehicles can only be used for a maximum of 90 days per calendar year, being:
60 days to participate in approved motoring club events; and
30 days for personal use (includes road testing, repair and maintenance).

Vehicle owners are to record the vehicle use via the WASMA app prior to commencing each journey.

Vehicles cannot be used for fee, hire or reward.

Vehicles must display an identifier label stating ‘restricted use’, either at the front or back, and above or below the number plate without obscuring it”

Car Club responsibilities From the Department of Transport website:

“DoT approved motoring clubs are required to:

  • maintain a register of their financial members, and notify DoT of any changes to membership status;
  • maintain a register of the vehicles owned by club members;
  • maintain a register of approved club events, and
  • notify the DoT should the club disband, or the Incorporation Status ceases.

On a scheduled and ad-hoc basis, DoT approved motoring clubs will be required to provide DoT with copies of the registers and information for auditing and compliance with the concession requirements.”


If you are happy that your vehicle is suitable, here is the checklist to apply for C4C:

  1. To apply you MUST be the PRIMARY financial member of the Volkswagen Club of WA and NOT a partner or family member.
    The name on the vehicle registration must be the name of the club member.
  2. Read the FAQ on the Department of Transport Website. https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/licensing/DVS_P_ConcessionsforClassicsFAQ.pdf
    This will give you an idea about the restrictions on use – 30 days private use, 60 days club use and the keeping of records via the WASMA app.
  3. Read the code of Conduct on the Department of Transport website https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/licensing/DVS_P_C4C_Code_of_Conduct.pdf
    This document outlines the rules for the C4C – it is suggested that you print out a copy for your own use. Have a good read of the responsibilities of the owner under the scheme.
  4. Fill out the E116 form. https://www.transport.wa.gov.au/mediaFiles/licensing/DVS_F_E116_Concession_for_Classic_Scheme_Application.pdf
  5. Fill out the VWCWA Concessions for Classics Agreement Form. VWCWA C4C Agreement Form
  6. Your E116 form must be signed by an authorised Committee member. There will be opportunities at events to come along and have your paperwork signed. Or you can send it in to us by post or email licence@vwclubwa.com
  7. Return your signed E116 form to the Department of Transport.
    They will process the paperwork and either refund or credit the difference between your full rego fee and the new concessional fee.
  8. Return your completed VWCWA C4C Agreement Form to a licence@vwclubwa.com
  9. Download the WASMA app and set up your account. You can find this app on the Apple store or Google Play. Search WA Street Machine Association.

Once the Department of Transport has put the vehicle on C4C please get in touch so we can activate your app and you can access the electronic logbook.

Put your Restricted Use sticker on the vehicle and you are good to go! Remember to log every journey so you (and the Club) can download your usage for the DoT or if you need to prove it for insurance.

Failing to log a journey is illegal and will jeopardise this concession.

The club will only support the recording of your vehicle use through the use of the WASMA App. You will be required to download this app to record all of the information required by DoT. The VW Club of WA will not accept paper copies as records.